Carpet Dyeing Service In Asheville NC

Whether you have a permanent stain or would like a full room color change, we can help with that. Our carpet dyeing service is perfect for correcting small bleach stains or completely restoring the color of your carpet.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Dyeing Service In Asheville NC

  • Bleach Stain Repair
  • Color Loss Repair
  • Spot & Stain Repair
  • Full Room Dyeing

Asheville NC Bleach Stain Repair - Hire a pro

Bleach spots or bleach stains are a common issue we see on carpet in both residential and commercial settings. Bleach spots can happen from a number of things such as: bleach spills, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication, lotions, or some other chemicals. They often leave an unsightly white, yellow, or orange-like stain that is permanent. The reason this happens is because the bleaching agent has removed color from the carpet and this cannot be fixed with cleaning alone. We can repair bleach spots from solid colored carpet to multi-colored and patterned carpet.

Do It Yourself Bleach Spot Repair

We insist that you resist the urge to go scouring the internet for a DIY bleach repair solution. We’ve seen everything from crayons, markers, and even tea or coffee being used to try to re-dye a bleached spot. Do it yourself attempts often become more expensive then simply calling us in the first place. The reason for this is, because now we have to deal with removing the substance that was used to attempt to dye the carpet which results in more time to fix it.
How We Repair Bleach Spots
The first step is we need to neutralize the bleach so that it doesn’t continue having bleaching ability. Once we’ve neutralized the bleach we use color theory to mix up the necessary colors to bring your carpet back to the way it was before. Often times this requires us to add two or more colors back to the carpet to restore the color. In the video to the side or above, you can see how we mixed blue to bring the yellowish bleach stain back to green and then a hint of red to blend the tone into the existing carpet color.
Carpet Dyeing McMinnville TNCarpet Dyeing McMinnville TN
Carpet Dyeing McMinnville TNCarpet Dyeing McMinnville TN

Color Cleaning - Carpet Dyeing Asheville NC

Color Carpet Cleaning or Color Revival Carpet Cleaning is perfect for newer carpet. Unfortunately, some carpets wear faster than others and while professional carpet cleaning can remove the soil from the carpet. Once the carpet begins to wear the carpet fibers will reflect the light differently – especially on darker colored carpets. Maybe you have seen darker carpets that look lighter in the traffic areas? That is exactly what we’re describing. Color cleaning allows us to add a small amount of dye during the cleaning process to help blend that traffic area in better.

As mentioned, color cleaning is perfect for newer carpet and is meant to be used if your carpet has only 5-8% color loss. If your carpet is a few years old and has significant fading in the traffic lanes then we recommend a full room dyeing which you can read about below.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing Near Asheville NC

There are many reasons why our clients choose to have our full room carpet dyeing service. For some, they picked out white or almost white and the realization that with 3 children and 2 dogs, that keeping it looking great has become quite the chore. Perhaps you’ve recently redecorated and now you want a darker carpet to help contrast your decor? No matter the reason, with our full room carpet dyeing service we can dye your carpet to darker shade. Unlike our color clean service, full room dyeing completely restores the color in your carpet. Another large benefit many find with our full room dyeing service is that the cost is significantly less than the cost of replacement. The best part is that often it only takes slightly longer to dye than our normal carpet cleaning service. This means you can be back on it the same day.

Carpet Dyeing For Apartment & Property Managers

We work with property managers, building maintenance supervisors, real estate agents, hotel managers, and apartment managers. Between our regular carpet cleaning maintenance plans and our color restoration services. We can have your properties carpet looking in tip-top shape and extend the life of your carpet investment. For apartment managers, carpet can be abused by tenant(s) and after a great cleaning the carpet is back to being soft and smelling great. However, sometimes there are permanent stains and traffic patterns that make the carpet look uninviting. Our full room carpet dyeing service fixes this exact scenario.
Carpet Dyeing McMinnville TNCarpet Dyeing McMinnville TN