Hardwood & vinyl floor cleaning service

Our sandless hardwood floor cleaning service is great for both residential and commercial clients. Many homes and businesses have started installing more hard surfaces like hardwood, engineered wood, and vinyl plank and tile flooring.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Many homeowners choose hardwood as a flooring type because there is just something inviting about the natural beauty that wood provides. Most all hardwood floors are installed and then a protective coating is applied on top to protect them. Over time, that protective coating can begin to wear away leaving the wood vulnerable. This can result in expensive sanding and refinishing to restore it.

-Dustless Refinishing-

Our hardwood screen & re-coat process begins with a light sanding that removes dirt and debris that can damage the wood.  After your hardwood floor is meticulously screened and cleaned, we then apply two new coats of polyurethane which restores their shine and durability. The screening process removes light scratches/imperfections in the finish and makes your floors easier to maintain in the future. Note: This process is dustless and does not remove deep scratches or wood stain from your floor!

-Professional Wax Removal-

Are you tired of the dull, sticky residue left behind by old wax on your wood floors? We also offer professional hardwood floor wax removal! DIY products such as Mop & Glo, Orange Glo, Murphy’s Oil Soap and Quick Shine can leave a waxy build up that over time makes your floor appear dull and scuffed. Using advanced techniques and eco-friendly products, we carefully strip away layers of old wax, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleaning process. Say goodbye to the haze and build-up, and hello to the luster and elegance of your original wood flooring. Let us revitalize your space with our expert wax removal service today!

-Deep Cleaning & Polishing-

If your hardwood floors need a deep cleaning and polishing, we would be glad to assist you with that as well!

Hardwood Floor Cleaning McMinnville TN
vinyl plank floor cleaning McMinnville TN

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl flooring has gained a lot of popularity since 2015 and we are seeing it in more and more homes and businesses. There are a lot of great products out there to help you maintain your vinyl flooring. However, professional cleaning is still needed. Vinyl flooring tends to have little ridges and textures that mopping and store-bought cleaning pads can easily miss.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Process

Our vinyl floor cleaning process begins with a detailed and sweeping and vacuuming of the floor to get all of the dust, pet hair, and crumbs up. Next, we apply a cleaning solution to the floor and scrub it with our cleaning machine that lifts the soil out of the crevices of the vinyl floor. We can apply a protective coating made specifically for the vinyl floors to help protect it afterward.

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